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Please read the following prior to using the services, financial and other information (hereafter “Information”) concerning Nomura Research Institute America, Inc. and its group companies (hereafter “NRI Group”) on this website.

  1. All of the data published on the NRI website by the NRI Group is provided specifically as users’ Information only, and shall not be construed as an attempt of the NRI Group to encourage, arrange, intermediate, recommend or advise any transaction related to sales of products, including financial products, services or rights. The NRI Group shall not act as a party or intermediary for any transaction, and shall not apply, encourage, mediate, intermediate, recommend or advise on any transaction.
  2. The NRI Group may update, add, change, delete and/or alter contents, in part or in whole, at its own discretion and without prior notice to users of the Information.
  3. The NRI Group may temporarily suspend or cease provision of the Information without prior notice to users due to the need to update, add, change and/or delete, in part or in whole, the contents; conduct maintenance and/or inspection of systems, equipment, network; or as the result of other unavoidable matters such as failure or stoppage due to power outages, natural disasters, etc.
  4. The NRI Group shall not be held liable for delays in Information delivery, loss or destruction of Information or other damages experienced by users of the Information as a result of updating, adding, changing and/or deleting, in part or in whole, the contents including the suspension or cessation of the Information service.
  5. Users of the Information shall install, connect, implement and conduct other preparations, management and maintenance regarding computers, communications equipment, telephone lines, software and other equipment necessary for obtaining the Information, doing so understanding that they are fully liable for their actions and expenses related thereto.
  6. At times, the NRI Group may wish to distribute specific software and permit its use by users of the Information via downloading or other methods for the purpose of allowing access to specified Information. In this case, the users shall use the specific software in accordance to a special agreement separately concluded with the NRI Group.
  7. In addition to the above stipulations, users should view and use the site contents only after reading and confirming the Terms of Use.
  8. The NRI Group provides absolutely no guarantee or warranty for completeness, accuracy, timeliness, appropriateness, credibility, suitability, usefulness, commercial value, non-violation of intellectual property rights, execution of obligations by third parties, misinformation, software or search results provided via the contents, links to third-party websites, or products, services or rights provided by a third party.
  9. Users of the Information shall bear the liability of whether or not to trust the contents provided through the Information and whether or not to conduct transactions. The NRI Group shall bear absolutely no liability for the results of any and all business transactions (investment, buying, selling, borrowing, etc.) conducted by users based on the use and/or referencing of the contents of the NRI website. Additionally, any complaints, claims or disputes involving the contents provided by a third party shall be resolved between the users of the Information and the third party concerned, and the NRI Group shall have no involvement in the matter whatsoever.